River & Ocean Cruising

Alaska cruises are your ticket to adventure amidst the Great Land’s glaciers, wildlife and national parks. Voyage through the untamed beauty from the comfort of world-class ships of from first-class hotels and lodges during your land-portion cruisetour.

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*Photo by MTC owner Sandy Dierdorf in October 2022 during her river cruise down the Rhine and Moselle Rivers in northeastern Europe.

Experience breathtaking vistas when you take a European river cruise. Witness rolling hills filled with vineyards, ancient castles and charming villages.

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North America

*North American cruises allow you to traverse multiple rivers in the United States. One of the ports you can visit is Madison, Indiana, the hometown of MTC!

Mysteries of the past enlist life-long learners while sprawling parks and trails make way for recreation. Discover hidden American gems best reached by riverway. Lovers of adventure, connoisseurs of culture, and devotees of cuisine — welcome to the Mississippi and Ohio rivers.

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Embrace the aloha spirit by witnessing and exploring Hawaii’s floral-scented valleys, crystal clear water and black-sand beaches.

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The sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean are calling. Relax on gorgeous white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear waters, discover the ancient treasures of the Mayans, or let your cares melt away while relaxing to steel drum melodies. Let us help you find the best Caribbean cruise to suit your vacation desires.

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Journey along the lifeline of egyptian civilization on a Nile river cruise, experiencing incredible sights that include ancient temples, tombs, and local villages. Measuring 4,160 miles, the Nile River is the longest river in the world, flowing north from Lake Victoria through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt. Passing rainforests, mountains, savannas, swamps, and desert landscapes, it culminates in the fertile Nile Delta and drains into the Mediterranean Sea.

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Mediterranean cruises deliver ancient glories and modern delights, from Rome’s legendary Colosseum, Croatia’s medieval walls to trendsetting Barcelona and much more. Everyday is filled with iconic cityscapes and landmarks, flaxen beaches, and remote coastal villages, fresh seafood paired with incredible wine. A cruise to the Mediterranean is the best way to experience all that this breathtaking place has to offer

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A journey on one of Asia’s great rivers offers a tapestry of fascinating sights, colorful culture, and ancient traditions. Asia cruises bring you closer to all the must-see sights and introduces you to the locals and their way of life.

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Cruisetour – Journey beyond your ship

There are also sailings to Fiji, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia and a variety of remote South Pacific destinations.

A cruisetour invites you to explore your cruise destination beyond the deck of your ship. We can help you coordinate land portions before, during and after your cruise.