House of Jane‘s Ecstatic Dance Party
with Courtney Youphoriafy

Presented by House of Jane
416 West St. Upstairs/Mires School of Dance
Madison, IN

May 27, 2022 | 7-8:30pm | $20

The evening will begin with some meditation and breath work, followed by DJ Courtney Youphoriafy leading the ecstatic dance session. Ecstatic Dance is a style of dance that is based on freeform movement in which people move their bodies in ways that feel good and aligned for them. There is no expectation or judgment as to how you should move, rather the idea is to explore with self and others through presence, music, and movement. At all times during these sets, everyone is highly encouraged to be authentic with what feels right for them and their needs regardless of the suggested engagement. Ecstatic Dance is all about bringing authenticity, connection, and community through the love of music and movement!

Participants are encouraged to bring props that may help you with your dance flow. Props could be tambourines, scarves, flow art props, hula hoops, coin belts/scarves etc.

“Immersive Conscious Dance Experience”
Courtney Youphoriafy

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