House of Jane Presents:
A Celebration of Women Songwriters

May 28, 2022 | 5pm-10pm | FREE
The House of Jane is happy to host 6 women singer-songwriters for an evening of original music! The songwriters include Cheryl Liz Byers, Margo Sparrow, Charlsee Gandee, Amy Noel, Anna Kline, & Tiffany Williams. 
Cheryl Liz Byers
Folk musician Cheryl Liz writes songs in order to make sense of the messiness of being alive. 
Mostly drawing on folk, pop, Americana and traditional music for inspiration, she plays guitar, fiddle and piano. 
Music can speak of truth. Writing songs is like a magical moment, like a bird swooping down and landing in your hand. Sometimes when you are open and perceptive, beauty and pain can transform into something more.  
She writes songs in order to remember who she is, and what she knows to be true.
Margo Sparrow
Margo Sparrow grew up surrounded by music and musicians, with a heavy emphasis on Irish, Scottish, English and American folk music and dance.  She says, “I do like rock and roll too though!” She played the piano, autoharp and flute as a girl, and while she always wanted to learn to play the guitar, she says, “Life got busy.  I finally picked up the guitar when I turned 50 and I’ve been playing for 10 years now.  I’m so glad because playing music brings me so much joy.”  Her songwriting is, “deeply personal, and usually has a spiritual message given to me at certain difficult times in my life.”  She has been inspired by artists like Gillian Welch, Sarah Jarosz and Eva Cassidy, and her music tends toward a more folk sound.  
Margo enjoys spending time with her beloved family and friends, 3 cats and her beloved Pit Bull. 
Charlsee Gandee
Charlsee Gandee is a singer-songwriter from Henry County, KY. She has been singing since the tender age of 8. Her style incorporates earthy folk tones, classic country and rock influences. Her songs are written from her travels and life experiences.
“The Famous” Amy Noel

“The Famous” Amy Noel (yes, like the Christmas kind) grew up in a musical family.  From a young age she was asked to sing and then later play guitar in her church group.  She tried to start a band with her brother at the age of 12, but it never worked out!  Now, her brother is much of her inspiration.  She’s been on stage with Charmaine Neville and  Indiana Jazz Hall of Fame Bill Lancton and  has sang in Las Vegas, among many other places.  She played Joni Mitchell in Madison, Indiana’s rendition of The Last Waltz, as well as was Janis Joplin and Grace Slick in Madison’s 50th Woodstock Anniversary.  Her powerful, versatile, and soulful voice will capture your heart, get your feet movin’, and just make you feel good!

Anna Kline
Anna is a songwriter, musician, and freelance writer who was recently named the new Business Development Director of the International Bluegrass Music Association. She specializes in culture & heritage projects that aid in the preservation and promotion of music and the arts. Her freelance writing vividly captures the personality of place. Anna also regularly collaborates and consults with musicians and bands to craft bios and album reviews, promotional articles, and press releases, and assists with social media campaigns across all platforms with photography and short-form video. She performed on Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern with her partner, John Looney, and their acoustic roots duo, Grits & Soul, and also performed on an episode of KET’s Kentucky Life with The Local Honeys’ Linda Jean Stokley. Anna just released a new album with her new band, Swift Silver, a name inspired by one of the earliest Kentucky legends about John Swift and his lost silver mine. As a proud Kentucky Arts Council Community Scholar and Kentucky Arts Council Performing Artist Directory member, she continues to explore the diversity of the Southern experience in the Appalachian region through teaching and writing opportunities, oral histories, and regional musical performances. 
Tiffany Williams

Tiffany Williams is a native of Eastern Kentucky and is an exciting emerging voice who crafts achingly beautiful songs about what it means, in her experience, to be from the Appalachian Mountains. “I love Appalachia as I love myself,” she says, “with an intimate understanding of its shortcomings and virtues, with compassion and forgiveness, and with fierce hope. It’s home and always will be, but, for me, it took moving away to write about it.” Tiffany delivers heart-worn songs with a room-silencing, angelic alto that takes listeners on an authentic journey of longing, alienation, and undeniable beauty.

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